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Hey, everybody!

How’s it going? Good? Good.

After submitting copies of the book to independent book reviewers, bloggers, and people of interest in the counseling and education world, I’m starting to get some feedback.

Here’s a bit of what Kathy, over at Literary R & R, had to say about it:

“Picture that you’re a high school senior or incoming college freshman struggling with ADHD, and your friend’s older brother, a college grad who also has ADHD, has agreed to meet you for a cup of coffee to give you some advice.

That’s the feeling Pappas gives you while reading this book. He’s been there, and he wants to help you through it, too. He imparts his wisdom in the language of a young person, including f-bombs and other colorful adjectives. He asks forgiveness in case he goes on a tangent about Ninjas. This is accompanied by the first of his hilarious footnotes: “I like Ninjas.”

It was at this point I decided I liked Pappas, and his book…”

You can read the rest of the review right here.

Check it out, check it out.

– Phill –

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