Out of Context

hostessOblivion: Mister Squishy – David Foster Wallace

“…Enterprises in other words that rode the transverse shadow, that said or sought to say to a consumer bludgeoned by herd-pressures to achieve, forebear, trim the fat, cut down, discipline, prioritize, be sensible, self-parent, that hey, you deserve it, reward yourself, brands that in essence said what’s the use of living longer and healthier if there aren’t those few precious moments in every day when you stopped, sat down, and took a few moments of hard-earned pleasure just for you? and various myriad other pitches that aimed to remind the consumer that he was at root an individual, one with individual tastes and preferences and freedom of individual choice, that he was not a mere heard animal who had no choice but to go go go on US life’s digital-calorie-readout-treadmill, that there were still some rich and refined and harmless-if-judiciously-indulged-in pleasures out there to indulge in if the consumer’d snap out of his high-fiber hypnosis and realize that life was also to be enjoyed, that the un-enjoyed life was not was not worth living, & c. & c.”


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