I ain’t broke yet.

Oh wait, yes i am. The well is drying the fuck up!

I have to give a major shout out to my book, however. Book, you’ve done me so right. When I was in Tanzania, running right the hell out of money, your beautiful, cashable ass dropped in the bank and kept me fed. When I was thirsty, you bought me some cheap, but interestingly enough, delicious beers. When I was hungry, you provided me with some local culinary flavor in the villages of Tanzania. When I got to NYC, you dropped again, but Q-Tip was spinning at this cool joint in Brooklyn, and there was a sick dance party, and there was a woman, and she was looking all fine, and I spent the majority of your financial ass in one night. But, you know, it was worth it. That, book, is what I call being there for a guy who’s been on the road.

But, I ain’t broke yet.

Made it to North Carolina. I still have some dollars in the pocket, and tomorrow we pack a car and head to New Orleans. The city of a thousand STDs bars. The last time I was in the French Quarter, I remember…

Right. So, it’ll be like a maiden voyage. We’ve got a day, maybe two. Which is fine by me, considering, ahhh, the past (or lack thereof).

Anyways, we on the budgey. Got a week to hit SF. Just have to get from A to B without spending all the dollars on coffee and cigarettes.



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