CAP Magazine: The Nostalgia Issue

by Phill Pappas illustration by Chad Higgenbotham During the summer of 2004, I had an eighty-nine day contract with Ford Motor Corp. My commute from Ann Arbor to The Rouge in Dearborn, Michigan began at 5:30 am. The effects of whatever I had been drinking and smoking the night before lingered as lightly as the Russian occupation of Berlin. I would speed down I-94 to…

CAP Magazine

CAP Magazine Issue #3 is out and ready for consumption. Interesting articles in this issue range from falling out of love with Instagram, the self-branding of Amanda Bynes, the surveillance state of a local movie theater, Stoner E.T., and many more.  Enjoy the read.

CAP Magazine: Issue 02

March 5th, 2013 marked the release of the second issue of CAP Magazine, which includes a piece I wrote titled, “Certain Pathways.” Below is an excerpt from the article. “According to the Council for Research Excellence, in 2009, the average American adult spent upwards of eight hours per day in front of a some type of screen, a number that has surely since risen….