I ain’t broke yet.

Oh wait, yes i am. The well is drying the fuck up! I have to give a major shout out to my book, however. Book, you’ve done me so right. When I was in Tanzania, running right the hell out of money, your beautiful, cashable ass dropped in the bank and kept me fed. When I was thirsty, you bought me some cheap, but…

Travels – Bus stop – Tanzania

Bus from Arusha to Moshi. Wait at Moshi bus station for German friend. Flick cigarette into gutter. Get shook down by the “littering police.” Six fucking idiots. Drop $30. Walk the markets. Lunch. Bus to Kisangara. Get hooked up with unexpected accommodations.

Travels – Augrabies National Park, South Africa

Baboons swarm campsite. Hike. Game drive in rented Toyota. Encounter a gaggle of giraffes. Jam back to Upington. Windshield wipers in place of turn signal (every fucking time).

Sunrise in Queens, NY.

Party until 7am. Train back to Brooklyn. Sleep for an hour. Airport. Flight to South Africa.

Travels – Back At It

Well, I’m back. Not that any of you noticed, I’m sure. I’ve been on the road since June, 26th, and I still have two weeks before I reach a temporary final destination. In the past ten weeks I’ve been through Charlotte, NC., Crystal Falls, MI., Ann Arbor, MI., New York City, NY., parts South Africa, the deserts and dunes of Namibia, mountains and villages…

Travels – Colombia – Days 12-16 Part I

Day 12 – Coffee, hammock, and book through the morning, reserve Ciudad Perdida hike, walk around Santa Marta, cruise the old colonial streets, buy rum for hike, help Jamie with project/website stuff, starting to gain a bit of momentum with his project, eat an incredible dinner for 6k, get drunk with German girls, sitting around a table smoking, cracking jokes, telling stories, get woken…