6 thoughts on “Books”

  1. Likely very useful for teachers as well.
    You should come to GH to present your book before your mom leaves the school; she would be so happy.

  2. Bought mine!! Can’t wait to read it!! Then I will pass it along to my sisters who both work in Education and I’m sure know of many teachers/students that would be interested. Good luck Phill!!

  3. Just ordered it. VERY cool you wrote a book and I an eager to read it, again (loved an earlier draft!). After I read it, I may suggest it to the therapist listserve I am a member of — about 1,000 therapists in Chicago area. Good luck!! Rob

  4. Congratulations on the release Phill! Just read through the first few pages on Amazon. The good ole’ big red doors at Bach, how cool! This looks like it will help a lot of people since it is a much more comfortable read than reading through a medical document. Hope all is going great in Texas!

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