When it All Went to Hell  When it All Went to Hell is now available!

Full of disorientation and disillusion, revelation and redemption, loneliness and hopeWhen It All Went To Hell is a collection that will take you from the smallest of small town America to the far reaches of Africa and back again. These tales are inhabited by unpredictably real and absurdly honest characters that explore the complexities and simplicities of love and relationships, question what you learn when you step outside of your own culture and into another, and travel far, far down the extremes of (ir)rational thinking. And of course we will need the allegorical blast on religion that all starts with a scruffy and most untrustworthy raccoon named Fred.

Pappas has created a compelling and hilarious world of different voices, settings and characters, grown from his own wild style imagination, rooted deep in his days as a line cook in the bowels of the kitchen, as a hard travelin’ globe trottin’ tramp, and sketch comedian king bullshitter of bullshitters with a keen eye for the rich details. With this collection we see a young writer actively seeking, participating full-on in his own life, reporting back to us what he finds, and, slowly but surely — discovering his own permanent truth in letters.”

~ Jamie Killen, childhood homie, chief road crony, photographer

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Book Cover

One Page At A Time: Getting Through College With ADHD

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One Page At A Time is about the author’s battle in getting through college with ADHD. Phill gives us insight into the simple changes that enabled him to gain a new understanding of his capabilities both in and out of the classroom. The book focuses on major issues such as procrastination, organization, choosing classes, study routines, medications, professors, and many others. One Page At A Time is written for people with ADHD who are in college or are planning to further their education in any way. However, it holds valuable advice for anyone with ADHD.

One Page At A Time is also available for the Amazon Kindle here.

“This book is tiny, as in, not very thick. Best there are LOTS of tips and tricks in this book to help you succeed! Out of the 7 college study help books I purchased, this one was the easiest to understand and also took the least amount of time to get through but still had the same amount of content!
***GREAT purchase, you won’t regret it! ***” ~ Lauren Capp

“Any college (and high school) student can benefit from this book, but it’s especially useful for students who might be having difficulty meeting their FULL academic potential. Written in a down to earth style that immediately reaches out to the reader –in a personal, helpful, compassionate and entertaining way. The author’s step-by-step suggestions work for anyone who wants to improve!” ~ Roger Barone

“Phill’s book provides a simple, plain language, and often hilarious view of coping with attention problems. He describes his experiences, and offers both conceptual and practical tips for those who also suffer from a lack of focus or clarity. Highly recommended for high school juniors and seniors.” ~ Jon Kolko

6 thoughts on “Books

  1. Likely very useful for teachers as well.
    You should come to GH to present your book before your mom leaves the school; she would be so happy.

  2. Bought mine!! Can’t wait to read it!! Then I will pass it along to my sisters who both work in Education and I’m sure know of many teachers/students that would be interested. Good luck Phill!!

  3. Just ordered it. VERY cool you wrote a book and I an eager to read it, again (loved an earlier draft!). After I read it, I may suggest it to the therapist listserve I am a member of — about 1,000 therapists in Chicago area. Good luck!! Rob

  4. Congratulations on the release Phill! Just read through the first few pages on Amazon. The good ole’ big red doors at Bach, how cool! This looks like it will help a lot of people since it is a much more comfortable read than reading through a medical document. Hope all is going great in Texas!

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