Travels – Colombia: Day 10

Up feeling fine, hot, take off extra “fever layers,” two hours of sleep and stomach uneasy but after talking with Jamie and the Italians Punta Gallinas is a go, pay sketchy dudes for boat trip and negotiate for the ride on the back-end back to Uribia, talk to Swiss people about what was stolen (dirty laundry and their passports, but everything of value was in their other bag – they have a surprisingly good attitude about it).

Spend three and a half hours in tiny fishing boat in open water (ass is sore), ride is cool we’re cracking jokes with the Italians, scenery is unreal, still feeling just okay (stomach handles boat ride surprisingly well), in PG eat tiny bit of rice no fish, Jamie and I discover that we fucked up the money food and water situation (amateur moves), Italians buy us lunch (so nice).

Go on tour of PG, sixteen year-old kid drives this old beater like he’s Mario Andretti, the desert is the desert but it feels like the desert, the dunes have this enormous sky that keeps rolling on and on, spend five hours at the dunes swimming, people smoking herb chilling out everyone cool as hell, watch this incredible sunset, ride back at night to hostel, stars are unlike anything I have ever seen, haven’t really eaten today but feeling much better, get in on nighttime conversation with S from “El Ciudad de Mexico” (awesome guy, talk books, philosophy, education, interesting conversation), Italians and hostel lady are all chatting and come to find out that she has 100 siblings – apparently her father (sketchy dude who arranged the boat for us) has ten wives and ten kids each which is a somewhat commonplace in Wayuu culture (ten wives… ten… ugh).

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