Weak Heroes – Weak People

3 thoughts on “Weak Heroes – Weak People”

  1. I just dropped by to say thanks for checking out my blog but then saw this.

    I thought I was alone on this one. I really don’t care that Lance Armstrong doped. As someone who has a mentally-ill brother, mental health is the obvious elephant in the room. The perception of it, especially a condition like schizophrenia, is something which just exacerbates the situation. It’s impossibly hard for my brother to get back on the horse when society says “You’re not welcome on the horse any more. Walk.”

    That said, I wouldn’t go so far though to put the blame on society for the actions of the mentally-ill, like the Newtown massacre. People become an ends in themselves when they do bad things. Other than that I wholeheartedly agree with your post.

    1. Mark, I was not putting the blame on society for the actions of the mentally-ill, but rather that there are horrendous things happening all around us, but we somehow choose to stay naive when it comes to reality. The “socially isolated and mentally damaged… (who feel distant and disgusted from the rest of society)” was meant to exemplify alienation and estrangement, of which many of the mentally-ill certainly experience.

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