Travels – Colombia: Day 1

Although I enjoy reading about other people’s travel experiences, there are times when the writing seems too romanticized. Not that traveling isn’t beautiful and eye-opening and a million other things that feeds the spirit unlike anything, because it is and it does, but I am not Henry David Thoreau. I could write drafts about my month in Colombia for the rest of my life, and I still wouldn’t come up with something as mind-blowing as Walden. I plan on writing an essay of length and substance about the trip, but that will happen later.

I just wanted to convey how I felt about traveling in Colombia, with one of my very best friends, by creating a series of posts that include my journal notes for the day and one or two photographs. A simple, bare bones approach.

All photographs were taken by Jamie Killen (some may have been taken by me, but that doesn’t matter, because they were taken with his camera and, therefore, in some way, were still taken by him). Jamie’s photo blog and website.


Up at 3:25am, Austin airport at 4:20am, sit and make postcard list by 4:40am, angry Christian bitch with phone on the flight from DFW to MIA, baby crying someone tries giving it a sucker to make it stop, cabbie from BOG to hostel, figure out route for the month with Jamie, hostel plays classic rock station, drink lots of coffee, while planning route thoughts and conversation of quitting my job has come up multiple times, got that route done, walked to dinner and passed some aggressive beggars, not overly aggressive but my Spanish needs work, dinner is pechado con champinones and is good, weather is rainy and cool and reminds me of Seattle, early night – probably in bed by 9:30pm but I’ve been going since 3am the previous day, late night hostel bunk bed talks are reminiscent of camp…camp.. When did I go to camp?


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