Travels – Colombia: Day 8

Up Early, get on bikes and charge through city streets so Jamie can get some photos in some particular spots, the main avenues are jammed with three lanes of traffic and making any turn and cruising through is intense (reminds me of riding drunk in San Francisco), get pictures, back to hostel and Jamie goes to bank (I don’t, ends up being the wrong choice)

Go to bus station but we just missed our bus, heading to Riohacha, guy walks up to us and tells us he can take us in his Kia, “Yeah, I’ve got a Kia,” we’re skeptical but fuck it we need to get where we’re going, guy with Kia ends up being the man, so cool, picks up four or five other people along the way (he’s just hustling baby), car conversation with driver and random passengers is hilarious, dialects and all that everyone’s making fun of all the different accents throughout the different regions of Colombia

Boats of Riohacha

Get to Riohacha and stay at El Castillo Del Mar, walk down to the beach, Riohacha is an interesting place (dirty, modern, coastal, almost touristy but not, on the come up), eat ceviche, have another mind-blowing jugo (maracuyá), get hit on by the daughter of the juice-maker, meet Italian ladies who are gorgeous and friendly (V and M), arrange to go to Cabo de la Vela with them, hang outside with Jamie and crack jokes before passing out.

Mural in Riohacha
Mural in Riohacha

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