When it All Went to Hell – Now Available

When_it_All_Went_to__Cover_for_KindleMy new collection of short stories, When it All Went to Hell, is now available for purchase.

After two and a half years of working on this project, I am more than excited and ready to share it with everybody. Please buy, share, review, and contact me if you have any questions.

All of the amazing artwork in the collection, including the cover illustration, was done by Kara Hemsworth and is available for purchase in full color, print quality right here.

My fellow misfit creative life guide, Jamie Killen, wrote a fantastic blurb for the back of the book that sums things up rather nicely, and that’s where I will leave you for now.

Full of disorientation and disillusion, revelation and redemption, loneliness and hopeWhen It All Went To Hell is a collection that will take you from the smallest of small town America to the far reaches of Africa and back again. These tales are inhabited by unpredictably real and absurdly honest characters that explore the complexities and simplicities of love and relationships, question what you learn when you step outside of your own culture and into another, and travel far, far down the extremes of (ir)rational thinking. And of course we will need the allegorical blast on religion that all starts with a scruffy and most untrustworthy raccoon named Fred.

Pappas has created a compelling and hilarious world of different voices, settings and characters, grown from his own wild style imagination, rooted deep in his days as a line cook in the bowels of the kitchen, as a hard travelin’ globe trottin’ tramp, and sketch comedian king bullshitter of bullshitters with a keen eye for the rich details. With this collection we see a young writer actively seeking, participating full-on in his own life, reporting back to us what he finds, and, slowly but surely — discovering his own permanent truth in letters.”

~ Jamie Killen, childhood homie, chief road crony, photographer



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