On The Road: 2016 Presidential Election



As of two weeks ago, I’ve embarked on a journey to cover the 2016 presidential election with my friend and photographer, Brett.

We have already traveled 3,000 miles and spent time in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

Next up is Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Then we’ll reasses and determine where we’ll be for the last few weeks running up to election day.

We’re checking out events, rallys, and while we’re driving the 1991 Fleetwood Jamboree RV we’re stopping off in small towns, back alleys, and big cities and talking to to regular people for our voter profile series.

We’re calling it The Fringe 2016, because we want to stay on the edges of the circus and talk to those that are outside of the mainstream.

Follow along.

Day One to Chapter One

Day Two

Chapter Two

Day Three

Profile: Gerry The Barber

Proflie: Max The Bartender

Profile: Kathy The Shopkeeper

Chapter Three

Profile: Kahn The Attendant

Profile: Willie The Vendor

Profile: Clint The Caterer

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