Travels – Colombia: Day 4

Turmequé at sunrise

Up at five am and hike hill overlooking the pueblo for sunrise, coffee and almajabanas, croissants with papaya jelly, we search the city for a man to interview for Jamie’s podcast (how do you say “we’re on a mission from god” in Spanish..? una mission de dios!), talk to people in government building who points us to so-and-and-so who points us to so-and-so this goes on for an hour, walk all over, find old guy and he is rad, invites us gringos into his home for a talk once Jamie explains the project, learn about Tejo, the history of Turmeque and about Spanish conquistadors (which is… fucking intense – who were these Spaniards chopping off balls and killing everybody?)

Talk with people where we had coffee, chill, excited to learn why we’re traveling, everyone around is impressed by Jamie’s accent (and my… listening skills(?)), bus ride from Turmeque to Tunja, Tunja looks like a city that has some great skate spots, urban, brick, traffic, steps and plazas, concrete, haggle bus guy to drop ticket prices a bit for us, “mas economico?” are two words to remember, hop on bus to Villa de Leyva, end up at hostel soledad, hammocks, grass, why is everyone so fucking nice, cats and puppies running around… it’s like, it’s like…

Fiesta de Carmen is happening, music in the plaza people everywhere, drink beers on the stoop in the plaza, talk with Jamie about life, get hungry and walk to restaurant, eat mind-blowingly delicious pizza.

Farm at sunrise
Farm at sunrise

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