Travels – Colombia: Day 5

Coffee wonderful coffee at hostel in Ville de Leyva, hostel owner has great taste in art and décor, well traveled lady, my Spanish is improving, talk with cute Aussie girl where from where going how long, spend an hour at the market, buy mini bananas and get taken for an extra dollar (but, what are these strange fruits?), Jamie records podcast episode about the sounds you hear at a market, eat muté, walk around concrete wall to take a piss and step in human feces (apparently I wasn’t the first person to think of that spot in a pinch)

Villa de Leyva market fruits

Ville de Leyva is picturesque and pricey, but…  has great great coffeeeeee (this addiction is now full-blown, out of control), bus ride to Tunja then Bucaramanga, hop out and decide to jam out instantly to ValleDupar overnight, bus rides are insane, driver is blasting vallenato music for eight hours straight, speeding like crazy, we’re in the front row and it’s basically like being on the millennium force at cedar point for eight fucking hours.

2 thoughts on “Travels – Colombia: Day 5

    1. Switchback after switchback on a suicide highway, passing other busses, busetas, and cars at 80-90km/h before slamming on sharp breaks into turns without barriers or apology. The bus company videos your face as you board so they know who was on the bus if it crashes and everybody dies. Driver blessed his steering wheel before departure and said a prayer, and then he blasted his music and drove like a wild man for eight hours. It was awesome.

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