Travels – Colombia: Day 6

Arrive in ValleDupar at 7:30am after 17 hours on two buses (long ass bus ride), get to Hostel Provincial and take nap and read in hammock, it’s officially warm and feels great to just kick back in hammock with nowhere to go for a couple days, ride bikes to the river and it’s a big party that looks like a Sunday BBQ… it is a Sunday BBQ everyone’s blasting music drinking beers eating chicken and chillin’ out, swim in river with sick view of the Sierras

Guatapurí river
Guatapurí river

Bike back to hostel but get lost, spend an hour biking around jamming the streets and talking shit, streets seem middle and upper-middle class, end up at a juice joint, drink jugo of the gods, help Jamie with the photo portion of his project (the ball is rolling a bit, good level of excitement), get some takeout cheeseburgers (burger is like a party it’s got hot sauce, ham, mayo, pickles, onions, fries, and pineapple on it), watch movie at hostel, we’re the only ones there, sleep in hammock outside, this hostel is so laid back.

lessoned learned. Get map.
Lessoned learned. Get map.

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